The 6 Best Triathlon Bikes for Beginners of 2023

best triathlon bikes for beginners

If you are looking for the best triathlon bikes for beginners, you are probably wedging the pros and cons of triathlon before going all in with a power investment on a bike.

The right triathlon bike should consider many factors, including the materials used, the particular parts and components, and the overall weight of the bicycle.

Selecting a lightweight bike that is easy to maneuver is crucial, as this will allow for less fatigue and more energy when competing.

Safety is also key when it comes to triathlon bikes.

The bike should be able to handle the pressures of the race and the terrain it is used on.

It is essential to consider both the geometry of the frame and the overall design of the bike and its components to maximize performance and comfort.

When selecting the best triathlon bike for the 2023 season, there are a lot of factors to consider.

From the materials to the performance components, there are several aspects to consider when selecting the perfect triathlon bike for you.

In this article, we have compiled the top 6 triathlon bikes of 2023 and provided comprehensive reviews of each one.

Best Triathlon Bikes of 2023 – Start With One of These

A2 Bikes SP 1.1


A2 Bikes SP 1.1 is one of the best triathlon bikes for beginners of 2023

A2 Bikes is a brand that needs no introduction as it is one of the best providers of triathlon bikes.

The SP 1.1 is the model for beginners this year, as it offers convenience and speed at an affordable price.

This aluminum frame bike comes with Shimano 105 drivetrain that ensures you have all the responsiveness you need when you are on the course.

The frame and fork are strategically welded to minimize weight while offering great strength. Furthermore, it has a compact profile that offers the ideal aerodynamic advantage when you are competing in triathlon events.


  • Frame: Alloy 6061
  • Fork: Carbon FORK UCI approved
  • Total Weight: 19.6 lb / 8.9 kg
  • Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Pro 29″ x 1.90″
  • Components: Shimano 105, Rotor 2INpower

Price: US$ 2,899


Felt B Performance

Felt B Performance is one of the best triathlon bikes for beginners of 2023

Felt Bicycles is known for offering the best in all kinds of bicycles, including triathlon bikes.

The B Performance model is tailored for beginners who need something light, fast, and comfortable.

This amazing bike has a carbon framing and unpainted finish that adds to its overall appeal.

It is equipped with Shimano 105 components that have been ergonomically designed for easy handling and speed.

The SRAM Apex 1x Drivetrain offers wider gear range for a more efficient ride, meaning no matter the terrain, you can get the most out of your ride.


  • Frame: UD Carbon
  • Fork: Felt UHC Advanced Carbon w/Carbon Bladed Steerer
  • Total Weight: 17.8 lb / 8.1 kg
  • Tyres: Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding, 700 x 25c
  • Components: Shimano 105 Dual Control, SRAM Apex1

Price: US$ 2,949


BMC Timemachine One


BMC Timemachine One is one of the best triathlon bikes for beginners of 2023

BMC has been around for a long time, and the Timemachine One is the entry-level triathlon bike for the biking enthusiasts this year.

It has an aluminum frame with ICS Technology for a smooth ride and aerodynamic performance.

The Shimano 105 and Ultegra components provide lightning-fast shifting for all kinds of terrains, and the wheels are stiff yet lightweight for a great performance.

Furthermore, the bike features V-brakes that offer superior stopping power.


  • Frame: Alux SLX Alloy w/ ICS Technology
  • Fork: Carbon Fiber w/ ICS Technology
  • Total Weight: 19.1 lb / 8.6 kg
  • Tyres: Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding, 700 x 25c
  • Components: Shimano 105/Ultegra 11-Speed, V-brakes

Price: US$ 3,299


Cervelo P-Series Ultegra


Cervelo P-Series Ultegra is one of the best triathlon bikes for beginners of 2023

Cervélo P-Series is a great bike both for beginners and experienced athletes looking to make the most out of their gains. It features a carbon frameset and Shimano Ultegra components for a very efficient ride.

The Ultegra shifters and derailleurs offer fast and smooth shifting, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in any terrain. Furthermore, its responsive frame ensures good pedaling and great acceleration.


  • Frame: Cervelo Cortex Carbon
  • Fork: Cervelo Carbon
  • Total Weight: 17.4 lb / 7.9 kg
  • Tyres: Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding, 700 x 25c
  • Components: Shimano Ultegra 11-Speed

Price: US$ 4,400


Argon 18 E-117 Tri Disc


Argon 18 E-117 Tri Disc

Argon 18 is another great brand that offers triathlon bikes, and the E-117 Tri Disc is another fantastic option for beginners this year.

The bike features a carbon fiber frame and fork that offer the ultimate aerodynamics, so you won’t feel the strain in inclines.

The SRAM Force 1 Electronic drivetrain is both powerful and precise, ensuring smooth and quick shifting for any terrain.

Furthermore, the bike comes with flat mount disc brakes that offer reliable and powerful stopping power.


  • Frame: Argon 18 E-117 Carbon
  • Fork: Argon 18 E117 Carbon Fork
  • Total Weight: 18.3 lb / 8.3 kg
  • Tyres: Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding, 700 x 25c
  • Components: SRAM Force1 Electronic, Flat Mount Disc Brakes

Price: US$ 3,600


Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc


Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc

Last but not least, the Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc is one of the best options for beginners this year.

It has an incredibly lightweight carbon frame and fork that reduces drag in the wind and provides great handling, making it one of the best options for beginners.

The SRAM Apex 22-speed drivetrain ensures speed and precision, while the disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. Furthermore, the frame is equipped with integrated storage, too.


  • Frame: Canyon Speedmax CF
  • Fork: Canyon Speedmax CF
  • Total Weight: 16.5 lb / 7.5 kg
  • Tyres: Continental Grand Prix SL, 25c
  • Components: SRAM Apex 22-Speed, Disc Brakes

Price: US$ 3,799

Best Triathlon Bikes for Beginners Key Takeaways

Pedaling into the world of triathlon bikes, we’re hunting for speed, aerodynamics, and control.

From the above list, three iron horses truly stand out.

If you’re looking for an entry-level option that punches well above its weight, look no further than the A2 Bikes SP 1.1.

Known as the “Speed Phreak,” this steed is all about performance without the premium price tag.

Boasting a wind-tunnel-tested design and a versatile geometry, the SP 1.1 provides excellent aerodynamics and comfort.

A Shimano 105 groupset ensures reliable shifting, while the integrated aero bars offer an array of positions to keep you comfortable during those long rides.

Next in line, the Cervelo P-Series Ultegra is a force to be reckoned with.

This bike isn’t just about speed – it’s about making sure you’re still in top shape when you transition to the run.

The P-Series is designed for exceptional aerodynamics, with the added bonus of impressive storage solutions for nutrition and tools, key for long-distance triathlon events.

The Shimano Ultegra groupset provides smooth shifting, and the bike’s geometry is designed to provide an optimal balance between comfort and performance.

This is a bike that can help you reach your personal best.

Last but not least, we can’t ignore the Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc.

This bike is a true triathlon machine, designed for serious athletes looking to shave seconds off their time.

Its aerodynamic design is highlighted by the integrated hydration and nutrition storage, helping to maintain the bike’s sleek profile.

The Shimano 105 groupset is reliable, and the disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power, making it a safe choice in different weather conditions.

The Speedmax CF 7 Disc also offers superior adjustability, allowing for a highly personalized fit.

To sum up, the A2 Bikes SP 1.1, Cervelo P-Series Ultegra, and Canyon Speedmax CF 7 Disc are my top picks in the triathlon bike category.

Each of these bikes offers a unique blend of aerodynamics, speed, and comfort, making them ideal choices for triathlon events.

Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced triathlete, these bikes will help you power through the cycling stage of your triathlon with confidence and speed.


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